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Homemade Fijian Curry Powder

Natural Ingredients That Make Our Customers Happy

No Preservatives
Gluten Free
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Client Reviews

Robust Flavor!

Verified Customer

“Started out expecting the norm. I was hit with robust flavor different
than the average curry. Used for shrimp curry, mixed with rice,
absolutely world class flavor! Very flavorful and different than your
average curry. This Fijian mix will blow your mind.”

 -Dustin M. (Verified customer) 

Most unique tasting spice!

Verified Customer

“As a professional Chef working in the culinary industry, I have had the opportunity to use many different spice combinations from a variety of purveyors. I can honestly say without exaggeration that Nani’s Homemade Fijian Curry Powder is one of the best, most unique tasting spices I have used to enhance my curry dishes. I highly recommend this spice blend to season both traditional regional dishes, or to give a unique and different flavor profile to your fusion recipes. Every home Chef needs a jar of this spice blend in their pantry to WOW their family and friends.”

-Mike B. (Verified customer)


Verified Customer

“I’ve only made it with a chicken curry salad so far, delicious. It was very subtle and not overpowering by any means, which I liked.”

-Ryan S.

Oh my gosh!

Verified Customer

“Oh my gosh! Nani’s is amazing! I’m a huge fan of curry but always end up ordering takeout because I can’t get a good quality taste when I cook…until a friend recommended Nani’s Fijian Curry Powder. It’s the best blend of spices I’ve ever had! Needless to say, I don’t order takeout curry anymore!!! Thanks Nani!!!” -

-Will B.

Tastes amazing!

Verified Customer

“Tastes amazing! Ruined any Indian restaurant for me forever.”

-Chad G.

Duck Curry

Verified Customer!

“Made duck curry with it. It was so yummy!”

-Linda S.


This has been a very personal experience as it is very dear to my heart. The person I was the closest to growing up was my Nani (grandmother) who was from Fiji and my love for cooking came from her. That’s why I decided to make her curry powder to keep the legacy alive!

Only Fijian curry powder and fusion spices in the market!
Family recipe that has been around for over 100 years!
Our company donates proceeds to charities, such as; Wounded Warrior Project, Warrior Dog Foundation and Meals on Wheels.
Nanis Original
All of the fine details incorporated
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